Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Update?

Each year, Google makes hundreds of changes to its search engine. The number of People is incredibly increasing in the use of their smartphones to browse the Internet and approximately 70% of most websites’ traffic comes from a smartphone. Since Google frequently updates how it ranks web pages in its search results. Therefore, if your website isn’t up-to-date, you may be losing a significant share of your web traffic without even realizing it.

Publish On March 31, 2020


If your site shows any of the following signs, it’s time to think about a design update.

1: Your Website is Not Responsive

Users may be looking at your site on several devices, users expect a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Simply if your website is not responsive, it’s time for a redesign – and Apple Web Agency can help! We create websites that communicate your brand’s message to your targeted audience.

2: Your Website takes much time to load

Aim for a loading time under 5 seconds. If you’re not sure how quickly your site loads, use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix to check how long it takes for your site to load, and which files are the troublemakers. If you are experiencing any technical problems, you should consider hiring a professional web design company to give your site a complete makeover.

3: Outdated information and material

The digital world is continually changing and growing. Web standards updates dictating new tools and technologies for building a good website. Many websites become static once created and never updated again. If you’ve built your website over 2 years ago, most likely it’s far behind in terms of looks and functionality. It probably has outdated code that can slow down its loading speed or the way it responds on different devices (if it’s mobile-friendly at all).