Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Update?

Each year, Google makes hundreds of updates to its search engine. Nowadays, the number of people is incredibly increasing in their smartphones to browse the Internet. Approximately 70% of most websites' traffic comes from a smartphone. Since Google frequently updates the criteria for ranking web pages in its search engine result pages. Therefore, if you don't update your website regularly, you may lose a significant share of your web traffic without even realizing it.

Publish On March 31, 2020


If your site shows any of the following signs, it’s time to think about a design update.

1: Your Website is Not Responsive

Users may visit your website on several devices. Users expect a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Simply if your Website is not responsive, it’s time for a redesign – Apple Web Agency can help! We create websites that communicate your brand’s message to your targeted audience.

Benefits of responsive web design.

2: Your Website takes much time to load

The loading time for your website must be under 5 seconds. So, if you’re unsure how quickly your site loads, use tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix. These tools can help check your site’s total time takes to load and which files are the troublemakers. Furthermore, if you are experiencing any technical problems, consider hiring professionals to give your website a complete makeover.

3: Outdated information and material

The digital world is continually evolving and growing. Above all, web standard updates dictate new tools and technologies for building an excellent website. Many websites become static once created and never updated again. If you’ve developed your site over two years ago, it’s most likely far behind looks and functionality. It probably has an outdated code that can slow down its loading speed. Or the way it responds to different devices (if it’s mobile-friendly).

4: Your Website is not user-friendly

A successful website is always customer-oriented at its core. If your site is not user-friendly, you might lose your business. Therefore, I would suggest consulting a professional web agency to add some places such as sign-up pages, product launch pages, etc.

5: No Call-to-Action buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons convert users into customers. It is a link on your website to encourage visitors to become your clients. Hence, Your CTA must be highlighted clearly on every landing page. The buttons must be interesting enough to convince your visitor to complete the desired action. Apple Web Agency has the solution to all of your website’s technical issues.

6: Is your Website’s SEO up to date?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means driving more traffic to your website. Your website needs to upgrade its content regularly to generate significant SEO results. Your competitors are surely going to focus on SEO so that they can rank higher in search results. Thus, to generate higher revenue from your Website, you must pay closer attention to keeping your site’s SEO up to date.

7: Difficult Navigation

Easy navigation is crucial for websites. Unusable sites have relatively hard to use navigation. When we visit a beautiful website but don’t see a clear navigation category, we scroll around the website and leave it frustrated. The high use of mobile has created a need to introduce a clear website navigation menu. So, it would help if you thought about upgrading your website navigation menu from time to time.

8: High bounce rate

The percentage of visitors entering a website and then leaving it without using or navigating to other pages is called the bounce rate. An average bounce rate falls between 40 to 60% depending upon your industry—the higher the bounce rate, the lower the number of people visiting your website. A high bounce rate shows something wrong with your website’s content, navigation, or overall look and feel.
Google Analytics is the tool with which you can check the bounce rate of your website. If it’s high, then it is time to redesign your website. We recommend you seek professional advice in UI/UX Design.

9: Security

Hackers can hack any new or old website. It can be distressing and stressful to lose your information and build the whole website from scratch. However, you can prevent this damage by keeping a backup of your website frequently. Furthermore, you need to update everything on the website, such as the theme and plugin. Besides, make sure to back up your site before updating. For a quick review, you can consult Apple Web Agency Our professional team can help you make your website secure.

10: Load Time

The loading time of a website is the most crucial factor. All of the above points will become irrelevant if your site is taking too long to load. Now even Google is rewarding those websites and placing them higher in search results that load faster than those of your competitors. There are many ways to make your site load more quickly, such as optimizing your website, page caching, etc. It will help if you talk to a professional web agency to find out more about options to speed up your website.


The above-discussed points are vital for keeping your website fresh, engaging, and updated. Apple Web Agency provides ongoing updates and improvements, which allow you to run your business successfully.