Reading Globe

Reading Globe is a newly built online blogging site that provides cutting-edge helpful articles that are easy to understand to its readers. It lets the readers grow their online behavior, through education, high-quality information, and support.


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Web Design

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Front End Development

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The Challenge

The client was clear about his requirements and was not sure about the design of the website. He required the website design to represent his content in a better way that would be helpful for visitors. He demanded us for the website that would attract maximum visitors.

The Solution

Apple Web Agency’s experts quickly jumped into work. They worked on the website design and requirements suggested by the client. Once the initial design layout and basic structure were ready, they shared with the client, and he liked the design and suggested some minor changes.


As a result of our dedicated efforts, we created a highly appealing website that the client was more than happy and satisfied to see it.

Our expertise and talent helped us to design the website in the best way that it helps the client get the maximum number of visitors. The responsive design, user-friendly interface, and the enhanced functionality of the website are letting the client experience growth.

“I am highly impressed with Apple Web Agency services. They are indeed a team of creative and skilled selves. In addition to an appealing and responsive design, they introduced my Wordpress website with lots of great features, including easy navigation and quick loading. Great work!”

─ Reading Globe Owner