Express Bing

Express Bing's client came to us for a solution to an eCommerce store. On their old site, placing eCommerce functionality was next to impossible. In this digital age, that’s a big deal. We researched the company and created a site that worked in Nyc New York.


We have provided top services for Express Bing.


Web Design

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Front End Development

Digital Marketing

The Challenge

The client was needed an enhanced website, marketing, and branding. He has wanted something that showcases their products for online purchasing. In other words, the client required a full-fledged eCommerce store for its products.

ecommerce responsive website designs

The Solution

Apple Web Agency’s eCommerce development experts quickly jumped into work. They worked on the website design and roadmap suggested by the client. Once the initial design layout and basic structure were ready, they shared with the client, and he liked the design and suggested some minor changes.

Some Excellent Features of The Express Bing:

express bing website template

Optimize Products Listings for Better Performance

The second phase consisted of optimizing the product listings. Product titles were improved for consistency across the brand’s catalog of products. Product details and descriptions were optimized by adding relevant keywords and customer-focused content to increase Express Bing’s position on Google organic search results.


The Express Bing was able to launch its website according to their planned timeline. With the eCommerce website in place, Express Bing was able to strengthen its digital presence in the market.

Apple Web Agency delivered a pleasing website as well as producing brand materials that exceeded expectations and received positive feedback. The team was skilled and friendly to support effective collaboration. They served the needs of the Express bing, which led to a successful engagement.

─ Express bing Owner